Platinum Preamps

Professional quality preamps for acoustic instruments.

Our new Platinum Pro EQ and Platinum Stage universal preamps are designed for players who need a pro-quality preamp/D.I. for their acoustic guitar, violin, cello, bass, resonator guitar, banjo, mandolin, or other acoustic instruments that may be too small or too precious to support the installation of an onboard preamp.

Platinum Series Preamps from Fishman
For over 30 years, the worlds #1 maker of acoustic
instrument pickups and preamps.


Completely redesigned
from the ground up

Their discrete, high-headroom, Class-A preamp design uses precision, and high-speed circuitry for the highest fidelity and low distortion. Classic Fishman tone controls, with sweepable midrange, are combined with a switchable guitar/bass EQ mode, making the Platinum series EQs more musical for bass instruments, and more universal for recording and performing musicians of all kinds.

Our new Platinum EQs integrate critical performance features like an adjustable volume boost and a balanced XLR D.I., all housed in a beautiful road-ready case.

Fishman Platinum Pro EQ and Stage preamps.
Class-A analog circuitry makes them preamps... Great sound makes them Fishman.