Aura® Imaging

Fishman Aura® preamps and onboard Imaging systems go beyond modeling to create a spacious sound that is both vivid and natural.

The sound of your acoustic instrument in a room is a combination of time, space and distance, that’s why no matter how great your undersaddle pickup or soundhole microphone sounds — (and they can sound fantastic), there is still something missing — the instrument’s aura. To recreate the sound that naturally surrounds your instrument in a room through an amplifier or PA, we created Aura Imaging technology.


Imaging — Beyond Modeling.

Using a selection of the most coveted microphones and our Aura algorithms, we developed a library of “Images” that when blended with the pickup sound on your guitar, create a dramatic, natural sound.

All Aura products come loaded with a selection of Images. And depending on the device, your Aura is pre-loaded with a selection of Images that correspond to your specific guitar model or are a “greatest hits” from our Aura Image library. All Aura owners can download Images from the Image library at to customize their Aura to match their own performance requirements.

Create a spacious sound that is both vivid and natural.


Aura Image Gallery

Fishman’s Aura Image Gallery software is a PC/Mac compatible application that allows users to access Images for hundreds of guitar makes and models through our free Aura Image library. Once installed on your PC or Mac, the software also allows Aura Images to be sorted, managed, and grouped. Users can then take advantage of the preamp’s open architecture by loading Aura Images via a USB cable.

The Aura Custom Shop

Maybe you have a unique guitar, or maybe your instrument isn’t a guitar at all, but it’s a lute, oud, sitar, banjo… The Fishman Aura Custom Shop can create Images in our studio from your instrument, just for you. For details and information contact the Aura Custom Shop at